PAULA MURPHY INK - 'Drawings with Local Distinctiveness'
 Paula Murphy Ink 
detail from 'Capital Cellars Christmas'
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Friday, February 8
5-8 PM
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Paula Murphy Ink
 FOR SALE  at 
Capital Cellars 
227 West Broadway
Frankfort, KY
January 4-March 30, 2013
HOURS Mon-Thurs 10a-9p
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Also I will be present at the ArtWalk "Sneak Peak" Exhibit at the
Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery Kentucky Employees Credit Union, 100 Moore Drive, Frankfort Ky. The Art Walk "Sneak Peak" Exhibit will open on Wednesday, January 30, 2013.  There will be an artist’s reception on Friday, February 1st, from 5-7pm.  (Please be sure to come and do invite others you know.)  This exhibit will close on Wednesday, 2/6.  
Portrait of Paula Murphy by daughter Anna P. Murphy see www.AnnaPMurphy.comABOUT MY LIFE & ART
My childhood home was in the rural area of Bridgeport near Frankfort, Kentucky on a small family farm, where my parents raised six daughters, one son, horses, cows, pigs, ducks, honeybees, dogs, barn cats, tobacco, corn, and a huge vegetable garden in an attempt to escape sub-urban   life and a desire for self-sufficiency during the post-cold war period of the 70’s.
portrait of Paula Murphy by her daughter  Anna P. Murphy
not to be reproduce without permission.
I always had a love for agriculture, art and architecture (I never could get past the 'A's in our family’s' World Book Encyclopedias) and so I went on to college to study Landscape Architecture at the University of Kentucky.  In my Architecture Drawing Studio classes I was introduced to the serenity and sublime ageless architecture at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, where we spent many studio classes sketching the simple forms of the board fences and wonderful craftsmanship of the Shaker buildings nestled seamlessly in the rural Kentucky landscape. 
After college, I backpacked to Europe and ended up living abroad in England for two decades. .  I remember one of my early English friends say to me once, “It must be hard coming from a place with so little history!” I was shocked and felt this was an unfair remark..After the 'life's too short post 9/11 shakeup', I brought my own acquired English family; husband, daughter, son, dog and cat back to settle in downtown Frankfort, to a historical home built in 1907 with what I claim to be “the best porch in Frankfort’ overlooking the Kentucky River right at the spot where Paul Sawyier once moored his houseboat and along the first road laid out in Frankfort by General James Wilkinson. I now often entertain my English visitors with walking excursions around downtown Frankfort and trips to ‘Shakertown’ which never fails to delight and impress even those European friends with a keen appreciation of historical heritage.
My drawings celebrate the distinctive details of the architecture and landscapes of the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Frankfort historic buildings and churches and also include some of my early work and some of my European drawings. Many drawings are sketched in pen and ink and rendered with Windsor and Newton Watercolors. I always like working in pen and ink.  My 20 year career in Landscape Architecture in England,  working primarily as a draftsman, rapidiogragh pen and razor blade in hand doing plan, section, elevation, perspectives and detail drawings, led to my desire to capture the unique Kentucky sense of place and its rich historic architectural quality in this technical yet hand-drawn style.
Paula Murphy Ink
detail from 'The Kings Center'
Frankfort, Kentucky
Please Note: The artist retains copyright. Images must not be reproduced without permission.
    Paula Murphy Ink
detail from 'Enlightenment'
The Ministry's Workshop at the Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
Please Note: The artist retains copyright. Images must not be reproduced without permission.
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